Device batteries zinc-carbon

Ident No.DescriptionVType
17160Panasonic 49,5mm x 14,5mm1,5Mignon
17260Panasonic 50mm x 26mm1,5Baby
17380Panasonic 60,9mm x 32mm1,5Mono


Device batteries zinc-carbon, rechargeable

Ident No.DescriptionMahType
1165Varta Power Akku Ni-MH3000Baby C
1168Varta Power Akku Ni-MH3000Mono D
9158Varta Power Akku Ni-MH1000Micro AAA D
9631Varta Power Akku Ni-MH2009V Block D
9165Varta Longlige Akku1600R2U Mignon AA
7157Varta Longlige Akku2100R2U Mignon AA
11006Ansmann Powerline universam charger


Device batteries lead

Ident No.DescriptionVAhWeight(g)
58000Panasonic 97mm x 24mm x 50mm61,3300
58020Panasonic 66mm x 33mm x 125mm63,2660
58040Panasonic 134mm x 34mm x 60mm63,4550
58060Panasonic 70mm x 248mm x 102mm64830
58080Panasonic 151mm x 34mm x 94mm66,51150
58100Panasonic 151mm x 34mm x 94mm67,21260
58130Panasonic 151mm x 50mm x 94mm6121950
58140Panasonic 97mm x 47mm x 49mm121,3526
58160Panasonic 177mm x 34mm x 60mm122,2550
58180Panasonic 134mm x 69mm x 40mm123,41100
58220Panasonic 151mm x 65mm x 94mm127,22300
58260Panasonic 151mm x 100mm x 94mm12123900
58280Panasonic 181mm x 100mm x 167mm12176200
58290Panasonic 125mm x 165mm x 175mm122811000
58300Panasonic 197mm x 165mm x 175mm124216600
58310Panasonic 350mm x 166mm x 174mm126519000


Universal batteries

Ident No.DescriptionVAhL/W/H (mm)
50100UNI BULL (Car)1247210 x 175 x 175
50200UNI BULL (Car)1258241 x 175 x 175
50300UNI BULL (Car)1269241 x 175 x 190
50400UNI BULL (Car)1246228 x 140 x 225
50500UNI BULL (Car)1280278 x 175 x 190
Patented Accusafe® leak protection 30% more performance perfect installation in over 900 car models, absolute maintenance-free


Starting batteries

Ident No.DescriptionVAhL/W/H
54008Starting Bull (Car)1240175 x 175 x 190
54063Starting Bull (Car)1240210 x 175 x 175
54409Starting Bull (Car)1244241 x 175 x 175
55518Starting Bull (Car)1255241 x 175 x 175
55519Starting Bull (Car)1255241 x 175 x 175
56205Starting Bull (Car)1262241 x 175 x 175
56613Starting Bull (Car)1266278 x 175 x 175
57233Starting Bull (Car)1272278 x 175 x 190
57405Starting Bull (Car)1274278 x 175 x 175
58014Starting Bull (Car)1280315 x 175 x 175
58820Starting Bull (Car)1288354 x 175 x 175
60044Starting Bull (Car)12100354 x 175 x 190

4-chamber-leak protection already available for 12 best sellers from 40-95 Ahimproved backfire protection and central degassing

Absolutely maintenance-free due to use of calcium technology

DIN an UK numbers used for type designations

Top quality due to austrian know-how and products Optimum price-performance ration

Other types available on request